Very Versatile!

I bought this dress a few months ago while I was just starting to plan my wedding and before I knew I was pregnant, so I didn’t even think to shop for maternity wedding dresses. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was pregnant about a week after the dress arrived! I was scared that I had wasted my money since I would be 6 months pregnant by the time of the wedding.

I didn’t have money to buy a replacement that was the same quality, so I fretted that I would have to choose one of the tacky cheap maternity wedding dresses that fell in my limited budget.

Luckily, my bump wasn’t that big (I’m quite tall, which helps during pregnancy) and the dress was loose enough to still fit! I was so happy and the only alteration that had to be made was to make the dress a little bit longer in front to make up for the bump lifting it slightly. It looked absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy with how it turned out on my wedding pictures. In some of the pictures you can hardly even tell that I am pregnant thanks to the loose skirt.

I chose to buy this dress because it wasn’t too formal, which meant I could wear it again. So far I have gotten three separate uses out of this dress. A wedding dress, a maternity dress and a casual dress. Well worth the money I spent! I would recommend this dress to all expecting mommies as well as brides that aren’t pregnant, because it looks great no matter what the size of your tummy.